I'm trying to change the "sa" password to my SQL Server Database via the 2008 SQL Server Manager Express. I have followed every instruction dillegently and can't seem to "complete" the change. Each time when trying to login with the SQL Server Authentication, I get the error message that it has failed. Clearly I am not saving the new password successfully.

Hopefully some of you have had a similar problem and have figured out how to overcome it. I certainly will appreciate any help you can offer.

Thanks for your assistance.


1) Connect to your database
2) Click on login in left side panel
3) Right Click on "SA" and open Properties
4) Enter Your password and click "Ok"

yes,Make sure to restart the SQL Server and all its services and test new password by log into system using SA login and new password.

I got here from your last thread. I'm assuming you are changing the sa password because you don't want to leave it as the default when you installed (an all too common mistake). I'm not sure what your problem is with establishing a connection. Is your database set to use Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication? Are you trying to connect (in your app) with a userid/password or are you using a trusted connection? Your example in the previous thread used trusted connection in which case your connection string should be something like


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Rev Jim,

I do want to change the password of the 'sa' login for the SQL Server Authentication. The database was installed using the Windows Authentication. However I want to change that. I've tried everything that I've read to this point, including trying to change the "Mapped Credentials" and changing the default database to "DATADESIGNSOLUTIONS". No luck. So clearly I'm missing something to change and save the password.

I'm at a loss. I appreciate any help you can give.



After MORE searching, I found the answer. Through SQL Server Management 2008, I changed it using the following code:


Hopefully, others will find this useful.


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