I used to have turbo c++ but it is outdated now,
so the only problem i am having with that is that there was a great help documentation in turbo c++ for the language and i could just browse to any function of c++ and get its details. After turbo c i am not able to get that kind of help anywhere or in any compiler.
Can anyone plz tell me where can get that kind of c++ help ?

Visual C++ has lots of online help available. Click on an object or reserved word and press F1. You also get many autocompletion hints as you write the code.

visual studio is the best tool that contain c#,c++ and other languages IDE .You can search on google and download and install visual studio and write c++ code there and compile and run your program there according to my views it is the best tool

ok thats gr8, can you plz tell me whether Visual C++ uses the Standard C++ library and rules because i have heard it somewhere that it has its own libraries as well, because i am learner i need to know the standard C++ rules and libraries..........................

MSVC++ is mostly standard compliant. I say mostly because it doesnt have all of the C++11 features. It's C++98/03 compliance is pretty good.

If you want to have something great for free (you only get the extremely limited express version of Visual Studio for free to get you hooked), you can use Qt, which contains a framework, an IDE and an installer framework. It works on Windows, Linux and MacOS and programs can be created for Windows, Linux, MacOS, most mobile phones and microcontrollers.

On Windows, you can choose between the free Microsoft Windows SDK and MinGW (GCC) compilers.

The best address to get an idea of Qt, go to http://qt-project.org/, which has a Wiki, lots of links to tutorials and examples and the downloads, of course.

Broland has not released any version of Turbo C or C++ that is compatible with Windows 7 or Windows 8. But there are third party Turbo C++ compilers that works fine on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

After searching hrs on google i found Automatic (no need to read and apply complicated tutorial to run C in full screen)
The best of turbo c emulater that is C++ by yogisoft

Download it from http://www.turboc8.com for Free.

Works for all 32 & 64 bit Windows 8,7,xp and vista.

This is All in one solution

Gyzs go for it...

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I'd hardly call turboc legendary... but I guess I can see why schools still use this as a primary method of introducing c++.

That's being said, it's bad netiquette to bring back to life a year old thread.

To be fair, the thread got a revial 6 months ago. Even one year is hardly necro-thread.

I would say TurboC was legendary, as was TurboPascal. They brought industrial strength programming tools to the public for very affordable prices.

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