I made that small project that contains this small database and I want to know how I can get data form this small database using the primary key (Student ID)

here is screenshot for my database table

and here is screenshot for the find form

anyone can point how to do this youtube video or step by step explanation article ??

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The simplest method is

  • connect to the database
  • select records from one or more tables (query)
  • copy the data from the retrieved records into a display control

The type of interface you use will depend on the type of database. For example, if you are using a SQL database then you can use SqlClient (preferred). If some other source such as Access, Oracle, etc. you could use OleDB. Examples of both can be found here

please how can i create a database and link it to my VB6 application. i designed a VB application to hold bio-data that will be updated from time to time but am finding it difficult to create the access back-end for it. please any urgent help will be most welcomed.

If you are using VB6 then you are in the wrong forum. I'm moving you to the VB 4-5-6 forum.

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