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Hey hie fellas, here is my problem.
I have two DataGridViews in one form. What I wanted to accomplish is transfer one row at a time from Left Grid to Right Grid on selection.

I wanted to Select Cell in Left Grid then Press Button Upon Which selected row should be added in Right Gird.

I also Want to check if Data is Not duplicated in Right grid.

Also When I Select Row From Right grid I Should be able to Delete It.

I am adding Snapshot of My Application.

Is the dgv StudentList backed by a datatable? If so, add a boolean column (call it Selected)to the datatable then create two dataviews. Then create two dataviews filtered on the new column being either true (Selected) or false and use the dataviews as the datasource for the respective datagridviews. Then you only need to set the Selected field in your botton's click handler.