Guys i need your help i just want u to help me create a simple real life project with c++,i've just finished learning it and i passed it,so i would like to see it work in real life,besides i would also like to see my programs work out of code blocks as stand-alone projects like .exe....thanx in advance!

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Every time you make something that runs in Code Blocks, you've also made an exe file that does the exact same thing. That's what's running. Just find that exe file and run it.

As Moschops said, Code::Blocks does in fact generate a stand-alone program whenever you compile a project. If you look in the project folder, you will find a folder marked Bin, with two sub-folders, called Debug and Release. By default, the compiled program goes into the Debug folder; this is a version of the compiled program with all of the symbol information needed by the debugger in it. If you go to the Build menu in Code::Blocks, and go to Select Target and check Release instead, it will put the compiled program (stripped of the debugging symbols, and thus smaller and possibly faster) in the Release folder.

Thanx guys let me try and check this but then,have you guys done anything that can be used by other people in their everyday life using c++?

In the previous century I made a Date and Calender app(try to calculate easter day!) as part of a bigger data manipulation application in the compagny where I worked.

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