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I wanted to ask if It is possible to create a Python programm that turnes on a server , with interfaces on users machines , connecting to a database ?
Actualy , i'm asking about a better way to use databases with Python , thank you .

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Wow, no one has posted anything. Yes, it is possible to make a server in Python, or just turn a server on. You can interface with any server in Python, whether you use Python for this depends on your requirements. It can do all of the necessary things, but python is naturaly open source. Open source is GREAT but if this is for a business, they might not like the idea. And again, yes, Python can connect to and use a database. Server side and client side. What do you mean by a better way to access them? Better than Pythons standard library? I guess you could find another one, depending on what type of database you want to use. I couldn't point any out, I don't really have much to do with that kind of thing, though it is interesting and I have dabbled a bit. A bit of Google searching or someone else chiming in could help you find some resources. Bottom line, Python can do all that you have outlined.

Hello ,
Thank you for your answer , concerning " abest way to connect to a database" , i meant the tools that are necessary for having flexible and easy using of the database ( actualy i use mysql , mysql-python , and python ) .
Actualy , i'm still trying to have a programme that must be run on clients machines .

As I said, I don't have much experience with this sort of thing. But I use Python all the time, it is flexible and easy to use. From what I have experienced with MySQL, and thats through SQLite, it is also easy to use and flexible. They are definitely great tools to use. What sort of things are you looking at doing with them?

Hi again zjtpjs ,
I explain to you : i'm needing to create one database ( in the server machine ) , and a python program on each client machine that communicate with that database .
I read actualy docummentaion about sockets , and i just trying to understand how this is working .

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