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I'm having an issue with SQL Server that has me baffled. I need help.

When I originally loaded SQL Server 2008 Express and created my database, I called it "DataDesignSolutions". The tables were created through VB Studio 2010 Express. It's path was "C:\User\Don\Documents\DataDesignSolutions.mdf". I'm not sure how, but somewhere along the way that path name stuck.

I assumed that was an easy fix. So through SQL Server Manager 2008 Express, I changed the name to "DataDesignSolutions".

Now here's the problem: When testing my program that has a link to this database, it's failing saying the password is incorrect. Assuming the password had somehow been changed, I opened SQL Server manager and find there is a "second" database. The interesting thing is, this "database" is empty. There is absolutely nothing in it. Further, it's name is "DataDesignSolutions". The database that has all the tables is now called "C:\User\Don\Documents\DataDesignSolutions.mdf". Can someone tell me what's going on? How do I fix this?

In advance, thanks for you help.