need help with the following java program a.s.a.p please

a pension fund company maintains employee date of birth details in order to calculate each employee's package value for retirement. the retirement age is 65 years old and each employee accumulates 0.015% of monthly salary towards retirement. write a java program to hold the above details and give company information on the following:
*the birth date of the first employee to retire
*the birth date date of the last employee to retire
*the number of years the last employee to retire will have worked for the company
*the retirement package for the last employee to retire
*the average retirement value based on all employees
*the total money that the company will spend on retirements

note that the application should provide user with a GUI menu options for the tasks above, it should also allow users to capture the above details for new employees. should have atlist 2 classes, where all the calculations are done in one class and the other class called fronted will have the main methods and facilities display of the above tasks.

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