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I am working on a school project where I choose "The Evolution of Technology" as my topic. It'll be from making stone tools and fire to the modern information age. I choose a videogame to represent my research and outcome and I'll use Java. I already knew a little bit of Java before but I didn't know how to create events and make GUIs. I looked at Swing and JavaFX but I don't think they have what I need. The game will be pixelated, but not so much. It'll be a 2D plataformer, where I want to implement a grid system so it'll be easier to code. I would have three files per map; one for the background, one for the foreground (plataforms, ect.) and one that contains the data of what is in the foreground. I would greatly appreciate if you could help me with this and give me any recommendations for anything.


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I'll look into that, but the whole point of this is learning Java. I get a lot of extra marks for that.


"I know a bit of Java", and with that you assumed you know enough to write a platform based 2D game?
I wish you all the luck.

what have you got so far?


First of all, I don't have enough knowledge of Java yet to make a 2D platformer. I've looken into Stencyl and I might use, although still be using the Java feature in it.

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