Hello, I'm new to these forums and I was wondering if any of you guys know a programmming language that is more designed for Video Games than casual software. I want to make a basic 2D platformer or maybe a simeple RPG that has a moving sprite. I have tried C++ and it was HELL for me! The code was very hard and very complex. I know VB.net and Python but, I don't think those languges where made for Video Games. I'm kinda not used to OOP but, I'll practice.

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We've done some research and we've come up with that we maybe want to make the game in Java.It is partiarly suitable when you want to make truly portable games that will run unmodified on any platform.

Thanks James I'll look into Java I know a lot of good games were made in Java and found out that the base
language for the Android OS is Java. Thanks a lot I needed this :)

Any game can be made with any language including VB.NET, The choice of language can only be due to target platform. I've witten games in vb my first being tic-tac-toe where i actually wrote codes for artificial intelligence to enable human play with the computer.

Which API did you use with C++? If you use a graphical API (like Direct3D), then I can understand that it would be hell for a new programmer. However, there are loads of game-development-specific APIs available for C++, like Allegro, which make it remarkably simple and fast to get a basic 2D game engine set up and running on effectively on all platforms. I still think it's worth at least attempting to use C++, seeing as though it is still widely considered to be the industry-standard.

Java absolutely.

Regardless, C++ is still hell on a new programmer. It's probably not the case that for their first game or two they need to avoid a garbage collector.

glbasic- basic language, pgame - python and love2d - lua. all are cross platform and relatively easy to learn!

I might take some grief for this, but I would recommend you start out with RPG Maker (if it's still in existance) or GameMaker. RPG Maker does not specifically allow coding (atleast back in 2000) but does have procedural algorithms, and does somewhat introduce OO design. I would recommend GameMaker moreso. It allows programming in its proprietary C-style langauge, and is very OO by design (and also allows referencing external libraries written in other languages). You may even want to consider C# and the XNA Framework which relatively easy to pick up on.

The problem with using low-level languages, for beginners, is that it takes away from the fundementals of game design, and you spend too much time focused on programming language semantics.

Java is a great start, also look in to C# using the XNA Framework, althought using Java makes your game Platform Independant.

Do what you feel comfortable with, although C# and Java are very similar syntax wise.

Don't you think python is better than Java?

well I'm using sfml atm to build a game similar to golden axe, and my friends are building a similar game to diablo which is a bit simpler since its an over view kind of a game(still looks better than diablo 1 and maybe even 2 ;) ).
it takes a few weeks and alot of hard work but it looks like a proper game when you are done.

Since you said you already know Python, I'd say stick with that and try Pygame or Pyglet.

Pygame - Click Here
Pyglet - Click Here

so how lonng will it take you to learn a game programming using the simpless platform?

@germeu That is too complex of a question for anybody to answer for you.

How much time are you willing to spend per day learning? How much knowledge do you already have about programming? How good are you at using Google to resolve simple issues you encounter? And how good are you at asking questions clearly on a forum so people can you help you with issues Google searches won't solve? And so many more subtle questions.

Programming is NOT something you start learning one day and have it mastered even a year later. It's something you'll learn and become competent at and continue to progress for years to come. And hopefully you enjoy the art/science/practice enough that you're having fun through all of the learning and growing!

If you really wanna find out how long it will take YOU to learn game programming. Grab Python, C# or Java and let the learning begin!! P.S. - Don't forget to have fun!!

C++ is the best programming language for develop apps,video games,drivers and everything. But people use lot of languages because c++ is not a friendly language, also it is hard to use. But if learn c++, can do anything that want
to do in computer.Thank you for reading my answer. I'm Tuto, have a nice life!!!.

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