hi as you may notice i am new here so hi nice to meet you:)..

uhhhmmm please help me on a project i'm working on about insertion using linked list my problem is on line 19-20 I can't seem to make it work,, when you type 9 7 6 4 2 it will display 9 2 4 6 7 so im pretty sure i'm very close can you point out what's wrong with my code tnx a lot :D

this is what i've done so far

void insertion_sort (int n) 
    struct node *p;
node * temp1 = NULL;
node * temp2 = NULL;
node * temp3 = NULL;

for (int i=1; i < n; i++)
    p = start;
    temp1 = p ;
    for (temp2 = p->link; temp2->link != NULL; temp2 = temp2->link) 

        if (temp2->data > temp2->link->data) 

            temp3 = temp2->link;
            temp1->link = temp2->link;
            temp2->link = temp3->link;
            temp3->link = temp2;

    temp1 = temp2;
        if( !temp2->link )

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Write it out in pseudo-code first, and then code it. IE:

n = new_value
p = start
lastp = null
while (p not null && n gt p->value)
    lastp = p;
    p = p->next
if p is null // add n to end
    if lastp is null
        // Nothing in list - create start node
        start = new node
        start->value = n
        // Append to end of list, represented by lastp
        lastp->next = new node
        lastp->next->value = n
    // Found insertion point
    // Now we need to know if n is a new start value
    // or to be inserted between p and lastp

This should not be difficult to finish and turn into proper C/C++/Java code.

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I'm not positive, but it appears that you are starting the variable i at position 1, but should start at position 0? This would explain why the sort works correctly for all but the first position.

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