m not able to add .dll file as refernce in c#.net as it is developed by me only..it says error "please make sure that the file is a valid assembly or com component". plz help me tu du d need ful...plz plz plz..its urgent

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How are you building the .dll? How are you testing it to know that it even works?

it ws working fine..bt by mistkly i put notepad as default program to run same .dll file...and nw i cnt add it as refernce in c#.net project

    plz help me...its urgent

Perhaps Rebuilding the original project will work, or you could try adding it as a reference

both are not working :( ... is there any software by which i cn rebuild d .dll file?

Is it a .net DLL? Sounds like it isn't based on the error message.

What did you use to build it originally?

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