Hi there
I wanna This is a "test". C code
Thanks alot

Test what, our patience? Seriously, even if anyone here were inclined to simply provide code to you - which we are not - you would need to give a lot more detail about what you need.

One of the forum rules states that, when posting for help with a program, you must demonstrate due diligence - you need to show that you have made a good-faith effort to solve the problem yourself, and that you have reached an impasse you can't reslove. In other words, show us your code. If you don't have any code to show us, tell us what you need help in doing. Make an effort first, before asking for a hand-out.

I'll write that program or you, after I see you have depposited $1,000.00 USD in my PayPal account.

#include <stdio.h>

    printf("this is a %s",""test"");

The main purpose is to show "test" in output
is this true?

The main purpose is to show "test" in output

Presumably the purpose is to show 'this is a "test"' as the output. Unfortunately, the code is wrong even if you exclude the syntax error in your return statement. You must escape double quotes in a string:

printf("this is a %s", "\"test\"");

string sentence="This is a test";
//maybe these will work....