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How do I do incremental Builds in Delphi...? I have both the Delphi 7 and Delphi XE2... I have never really incrementally built my apps... pardon my ignorance... but i have taken on a project on a piece of software where the manager wants the build done incrmentally. What does he mean and how is it done?

Thanks in advance....

Bruce V.

More clarification....

The software has several modules to it. They run independently. It is developed in Delphi 7. When I fix all of the bugs, the manager wants it ported to Delphi XE2.

I get the idea of the basic neaning by just looking at the word "incremental", but it applying the actual technique is where I fall short. Does Delphi do this automatically when compiling the source? Do I have to set any switches?

I would appreciate any input from this forum to help clear it up.


Bruce V. (OASys1)

An incremental build usually means that your project is split into modules, and each module is designed, built and tested fully. Then the incremental step is to merge modules, and iterate until done. I don't think he means the compiler, as that already only compiles what's changed.

So, let me get this straight...

So the incremental part is done at module level?

incremental = compiling one module at a time, by itself?

I hope I am not being to simplistic. :-)

There is nothing special to set within the Delphi's IDE to do incremental builds ?
It is done by having things spit into independent modules? and doing each module separately?

Bruce V. (OASys1)