I need help with 2d arrays
i've posted the problem here
Click Here (i've posted the problem on java-forums as well)

Could someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong or how i could fix this?


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hey yyzdslr, because you are lazy to copy paste your code and let us know what error you are getting, you gave us links to follow... but we too are lazy to follow the links and copy your code, with line numbers included, and compiling it. at least do that part, and someone will help you. do not transfer your work on to us. waiting for your code and compiler error or what ever it is that tells you that you have a problem, and I'll take a look.

well, cross-posting is not really appreciated.
basically, you don't show us any code, and the description you give (on the other forum) shows that even though your syntax is right, you've added the wrong fields the wrong number of times.

the best thing to do is to think over the logic and read your code (not just flat, if you go into a loop, read with it, and keep track of your variables)

that might help you find where you're going wrong.

a debugging tool can come in handy as well.

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