Anybody know to make numbering in print report. I want to put numbering in my print report. All employees are have diffrent project location. I want to print report per location.


No. Employee NUmber Name

0001 Noli Locsin
1175 Alvin Patrimonio
1176 Keneth Durendez

Now, My report printing like this. At the left side there is No. display.. I want my printing report same like this.

No. Employee NUmber Name

1. 0001 Noli Locsin
2. 1175 Alvin Patrimonio
3. 1176 Keneth Durendez

Anyone can help me plz. thanks in advance.

First design the database table and select all employee from a location.

loop it (any kind of loop will do, if you don't use a For Next loop, just add a counter variable and increment it each time) though i'm assuming you have these employees in an array of some sort..? if you print the index value you're using to access the name and employee number, you can just print that. then use Format$ to add the . if you want it there.