DOes anybody here know how to use send key for alt+s .
can you please tell me how to do it.

thank you!!

What's makes me get bad rep here?

commented: Just random member.. take it easy +4

Why my post was down voted?
is there a rule i violated?

JxMan - it could be that the voter hit the wrong button as the comment suggests they meant to leave positive rep.

imBaCodes - your post has a zero vote rating at the minute, so maybe someone else upvoted it. That's the way the vote system works, people can vote anonymously without giving a reason (unlike rep where comments must be left and voter identity revealed) - it's a personal opinion thing. Best not get too stressed about it!

Thank you admin.
Now i understand . I just dont get how my post was down voted.
now everything is clear for me . thnak you.