Hi All,

Forgive me if this doesn't come accross clearly. I have a specific data set to get from a website. Most of the data sets that I get from this site have publication dates that I have been able to successfully use for our SSIS ETL processes. However, one data set does not have publication dates so I'm brainstorming for alternative methods to get this set when my SSIS package goes live.

So, my question! Is there a code sample that can check the website's "date modified" on this particular set? I have a table in my database:

|Pop_ID | int | (PK)
|vSeries_ID | int | (FK)
|Pop_Value |numeric(18,2) |
|Pop_Ref_Date | int | <--Because all values are years
|Date_Modified | date | <--I have just added this field

I was hoping to do something like:
If Date_Modified < LinkFromWebsite's Date_Modified then run ETL process Else do nothing

Can someone help point me in the proper direction?

Most websites don't expose the last modified date in a generic way.

Well that's discouraging!