I have this code.

pdfCreator.ActiveSheet.PrintOut copies:=1, ActivePrinter:= _
"PDF Complete on PDFC", collate:=True

How can i add a save location to this code . My default is the desktop when
i save all the the file to be converted my desktop becomes a mess . can anyone
help me how can i save it to a specific location.

thank you!!

Is the pdf printer driver for saving files or printing? What library are you using for pdf's? What pdf printer driver are you using?

PDF Complete . thats what im using its built in on my 2003 excel .. and im using it for printing an excel sheet to pdf.

PDF Complete is an add on for Office. You'll probably have to check out the documentation on their website. Normally though the printer driver itself should have an option to save the file through the save-as dialog.

Thanks guyss for all the help.