I am currently learning C# with Visual C# 2010 express edition. i am having problem with compiling a whole bunch of files of a project(a project consisting 3 cs files) as f5/ctrl f5 seems faded. I can't add "add existing project" on solution explorer cause it shows empty folder where there are 3 cs files there. Plz help me.

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Hello austian88 welcome!
Is it a forms or console project or yet even something else?
Tell us how did you start to begin compiling.


Ok, to compile you need both a solution and a project.

  1. Find your code files on disk and copy them somewhere you remember
  2. Close the solution you have open
  3. File, New.. Project and choose either Winforms or Console depending on what you want to do
  4. Right click the project and Highlight "Add", on the new menu that appears, click "Existing Items"
  5. Find the code files on disk that you copied away and select all of them

The code files should now appear in your project and you should be able to compile.

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