In My --MS-Access Data Base,
under one Person (Details) have more rows (When Repeat)

I code to Create Tab Pages equal to Repeat Time like this,

While QReaderQ.Read()
RecCount = RecCount + 1 ' Count How many Rows
End While

'Add Tab Pages Equal of Records,

For xXx = RecCount To 1 Step -1 ' to Desending Order ---->3,2,1
newPage = New TabPage 'create new instance
If xXx = 1 Then
newPage.Text = "Repeat - 1"
newPage.Text = "Repeat - " & xXx.ToString
End If

Now I want to add DataBase Field Data to Tab Pages. (Text Box).

Ex. Into 1st Tab Page Text Boxes -----> 1st Row Details (Few Fields in DataBase)
Into 2nd Tab Page Text Boxes -----> 2nd Row Details (Few Fields in DataBase)

Please Help to do this..

The tab pages are 0 indexed, you add controls to them the same as you add to a form. Either directly in the designer, just drop them onto the tabpage and they are added to that page, or in code, set up the control, then use TabControl1.TabPages(0).Controls.Add To access the controls call them directly without qualifying which control they are added to.

We dont not how many rows for each person, beacause of that We cant created exact Tab pages or Controls.
that why I use "RecCount" to get row count.
After I got "RecCount"
I Must declare TextBoxes or Lables to equal of "RecCount" How can do this. Can I use array to TextBoxes ?
Other thing is How I put Access DataBase rows Details (Column Data) in to TextBoxe what I Created from "RecCount"

Do you have to use textboxes or labels? a listview or datagridview will allow you to display as many rows of information you need all in one control. You can even bind them to the database and have the information autmatically updated.

If you have to use textboxes or labels, a for loop with RecCount as the upper limit will allow you to add as many controls as you need to the tabpage. Use the designer to figure out the maximum number of controls, then look in the designer.vb file and make a list of the location coordinates. Iterate through this list to set the locations of the controls as you add them.