Hi, I am looking for some good ideas for development in C#. I feel that there is nothing more to develop and challange myself. Please let me know if u have any great ideas that can be developd for private or commercial usage.

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How about creating an editor (for html or other languages) or create a natural language processer



I feel that there is nothing more to develop

?!? You must be joking!
In the beginning of the 19th century(first steam engines) there was a man (can't remember his name) who said something like "All that is to be invented is invented." Some 100 years later, the Wright brothers held their firdt flight with an airplane in 1903 ... not to speak of ALL what was to come and still is.


"All that is to be invented is invented."

That was a man named Charles Duell. And i thought he was kidding when he said there was nothing more to develop.

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Thanks for the info!

If you have acheived such mastery over a programming language that you find all problems in that related domain trivial, perhaps you should elope onwards toward creating your own compiler/language?

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