Hello everyone my name is andy...
is anyone know how to make a simple data entry worksheet in excel 2007?
i noticed that excel 2007 have a form control inside the developer tab
i can add input text box and command button in sheet1

but i dont know what syntax to insert inside that text box and command button
so if i click the command button anything i've inserted inside the text box will
be added to sheet2 as data records

please help

thank you

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Does anyone know how to make a data entry worksheet in excel 2007?

it's called this:


It record data calculation. You insert the calculation and then you enter the data and it will calculate the data and displayed the results.

It's more like visual basic which I am not familiar with.

thx for your reply...
but still not answer my question about syntax

This is not the forum for tech questions. It should be posted under Software Development and tagged with Excel. I'm moving it there now.

Excel IS a data entry worksheet :)

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