I'm trying to place a texture in a 3d object, using Visual Basic and WPF, but I'm not being able to do it.
If instead of an image I render a blue square, by replacing the line
mymodel3dgroup.Children.Add(New GeometryModel3D(mymesh, df))
mymodel3dgroup.Children.Add(New GeometryModel3D(mymesh, New DiffuseMaterial(Brushes.Blue)))
then I get a blue square. But what I need is to see the image, not just paint the object(s).
Can you please help?
My thanks in advanced

Imports System.Windows.Media.Media3D

Public Class UserControl1
    Dim mymesh As New MeshGeometry3D
    Dim myviewport3d As New Viewport3D
    Dim mymodelvisual As New ModelVisual3D
    Dim mypccamera As New PerspectiveCamera(New Point3D(0, 0, -5), New Vector3D(0, 0, 1), New Vector3D(0, 1, 0), 100)
    Dim mymodel3dgroup As New Model3DGroup
    Dim myMaterial As DiffuseMaterial

    Private Sub UserControl1_Loaded(sender As Object, e As RoutedEventArgs) Handles Me.Loaded

        contentcontrol1.Content = myviewport3d


        myviewport3d.Camera = mypccamera

        mymodel3dgroup.Children.Add(New DirectionalLight(Colors.White, New Vector3D(0, 0, 1)))

        mymodelvisual.Content = mymodel3dgroup

        mymesh.Positions.Add(New Point3D(0, 7, 0))
        mymesh.Positions.Add(New Point3D(7, 7, 0))
        mymesh.Positions.Add(New Point3D(7, 0, 0))
        mymesh.Positions.Add(New Point3D(7, 0, 0))
        mymesh.Positions.Add(New Point3D(0, 0, 0))
        mymesh.Positions.Add(New Point3D(0, 7, 0))

        Dim m As System.Windows.Media.Media3D.Material
        'Dim m = New System.Windows.Media.Media3D.Material()
        Dim df As System.Windows.Media.Media3D.DiffuseMaterial
        Dim spm As System.Windows.Media.Media3D.SpecularMaterial

        Dim ri As Uri = New Uri("d:\transferir.jpeg", UriKind.Absolute)
        Dim imgSource As ImageSource = New BitmapImage(ri)

        Dim ib = New ImageBrush()
        ib.ImageSource = New BitmapImage(New Uri("d:\cc.png", UriKind.Absolute))
        ib.Stretch = Stretch.Fill
        ib.ViewboxUnits = BrushMappingMode.Absolute
        ib.AlignmentX = AlignmentX.Left
        ib.AlignmentY = AlignmentY.Top

        ib.Opacity = 0.5

        df = New System.Windows.Media.Media3D.DiffuseMaterial(ib)

        spm = New System.Windows.Media.Media3D.SpecularMaterial(ib, 85)

        mymodel3dgroup.Children.Add(New GeometryModel3D(mymesh, df))

    End Sub

End Class

Have you come to a solution to this problem my friend?

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