I'm trying to import an EXCEL table into an SQL Server Table. Although new to SQL, I've done it several times. However for the first time I'm having to import a column that is a date. I'm not sure how the EXCEL column should be formatted so that it can be easily inserted into the sql table. Should the EXCEL column be formated as a 'Date'? If so, in what format ('mm/dd/yyyy', 'yyyy/mm/dd', 'mmddyyyy', 'yyyymmdd', etc.)?

In advance, thanks for all the help.


Have a look a the tool for automation of Excel to MSSQL migration.
Integrated Data Selector makes it easy to choose the needed data range from Excel spreadsheets. Auto-Selection feature automatically recognizes Excel data ranges as “ready to be exported” tables.

Nice advertisement for a program Don probably doesn't want. Next time try posting something useful.

@Don: MS Sql Server accepts several different data formats, here is a list of them.

Ancient Dragon,

Thanks for the help. You are so right, I didn't want an advertisement.


This is a common issue when need to do a export from excel file into SQL Server. For example, you can create a SSIS package or use Import Data master from SSMS. However, personally, I liked to use dbForge Studio for this tasks.