What does one mean when they say a particular folder should go as win32 release for production?

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Are you using Visual Studio IDE? It has two ways to compile program: Debug and Release. The Debug project adds a great deal of data (such as a symbol table) to your compiled program to make it easy to debug. This is great if you need to debug the program, but not very useful when you want to give your program to someone else. Before you give the program to someone else you will want to compile for Release mode, which strips the excecutable of unnedessary stuff and optimizes the code (loops etc) to make the program run faster.

Microsoft Visual Studio IDE will place the compiled program in a folder named either Debug or Release, depending on which compile mode you have chosen. This folder is created in the same folder as where you place the source code for your program. When you give your program to someone else you can put the executable anywhere you wish, such as in c:\Program Files\MyProgram or somewhere else.

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Yes I use visual studion IDE. Thank you so much for such a simple explanation so that anybody could understand. As always , U rock!!!

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