I recently got accepted into a research program for the Computer Science department at my university and I was assigned with the project:

Augmented Reality for Small Unmanned Aerial Systems at CBRN Events
This project will augment video imagery from a small UAS with labels showing responders during a CBRN event where important locations are, such as schools that need to be evacuated or a hospital where victims can be transported to. Currently, a responder has to look at the image feed to see if they see anything that looks like a school or hospital versus a factory or warehouse or stop looking at the imagery, search on Google maps and then try to line up mentally what’s on the map with where the robot is looking. This project applies visualization principles to augment the image with information extracted from Google maps. The project results will benefit the human-robot interaction community by increasing the corpus of successful interface designs and will benefit society as the code will be added to the interface used for CRASAR rescue robots. The project is low risk as it involves trigonometry and simple image processing, with interfacing with Google maps as the only capability expected to be new for a computer science or visualization student.

I have been thinking of how to begin this project and was curious how other people would go about solving this program.

Thank you!

I assume this is a graduate-level program? And you are still clueless? What about "research" don't you understand? Don't ask us to do your work for you! This sort of research project is not supposed to be easy or simple, otherwise any schlub could deal with it.

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