What are the differences and similarities of JAX-WS and JAX-RS?

I assume that you did take a quick moment to Google JAX-WS vs JAX-RS before asking for help...
Having read the first few answers from that search, what uncertainities are you trying to get resolved here?

I did google it but it is my first time encountering those words. Can you please explain it to me?

What is the difference between SOAP and REST?

How do they function?

That is also extensively documented on the web at every level from complete beginner to expert. Why do you think anyone here has the time to write you your own personal tutorial?
Put in some efort yourself. Do some research. If you then still have specific questions or problems then ask them here and someone will help

Could this thread be removed?

It's one of the top Google results for "jax-rs vs jax-ws" and it offers absolutely no help, not even reference links.

I would personally start with this for a very high level view or maybe this if you are into whitepaper and stuff.

A more detailed tutorial of JAX-WS
A more detailed tutorial of JAX-RS

In short:

JAX-WS*: Enterprisy web service. Request and responses are in terms of XML payloads/envelopes. Not bound to HTTP; for e.g. you can use JAX-WS with JMS.

JAX-RS: Lightweight alternative to creating web services. HTTP only. Much simpler and recommended if you don't need the fancy stuff or catering to non-HTTP clients.

Thanks, those are very helpful!

I'd found a few already, but I'm sure others who end up here will be grateful.

It's frustrating running Googling something and running into threads that go on for a page or two essentially just saying to Google.