hey there,
I have created this simple app that makes use of a Robot instance. It is a network app that I control using telnet.

I have tried it in two different computers. It works fine. However, in one of my computers, I manage to start my robot app through web. I have a simple php file that makes use of exec() function to start the app. But, in the other computer I manage to start the app, but robot functionality is not available.

I read online that it is because JVM somehow detects that the app is being launched on network and it won't let it start due to security risks this poses. Based on what I read, I need to add a permission in security policy files of Java for my JVM to start the app from a network received request. I have played with policy files based on what oracle site and some other forums say but I have not managed to get the app running using my php file in one computer, but it works fine on the other (although I touched nothing on the computer that it works on).

So, I have two questions: why is it working on the computer I have not touched anything in, and why is it not working on the one I played with policy files in? My best guess is that this is due to some operating system configuration. I have Windows 7 on both machines, but different java versions. I have given full controll to all users on the computer it is not working on... Anybody?

Java 6.x on one and 7.x on the other? I know that there were a lot of "security" changes in Java 7, many of which could break applications such as yours. What the specific issue is I am not certain. We have not yet migrated to Java 7 for just this sort of reason - it would impact about 2 billion users... :rolleyes:

the computer it is working on has java version 1.7.0_09, the one it is not working on has java version 1.7.0_21 (and it had earlier _17 - not working also). One thing I find weired though is that robot instantiation via web was impossible in 2008 (judging by the dates of forum posts I read online) and it is possible with java version 1.7.0_09. that sounds like a security downgrade. I do not know what this exactly means. Anyways, hope someone has an answer.