Need Help guys. I am beginer in i am using vs 2008 with sqlserver 2005. my head will burt very soon :( i have completed a desktop application for a local shopkeeper but he says this is in english and i want it in URDU :@ ,,,, i WANT to name all lables in URDU, all msg box in URDU and buttons names in urdu at front end. All i want to change TEXT PROPERTY of LABLES AND BUTTONS and if possible msg boxes to URDU ... Thanks in advance.
and yes !!! m using windows 7 professional.

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Have you installed the Urdu language pack for the OS, as well as (if necessary) .net? It (they) will also have to be installed on the shop's machine(s).

oh then i wil use picture boxes because no shopkeeper will do that tedious work. :(

Here's something that might work. Use a transaltion service, like Google Translate, and get the translation of the text you have in your project. Copy and paste the Urdu translation in place of the English. On my system without any special language packs installed it seems to show up as Urdu script. For instance if the label text is "Items For Sale" the Urdu script shows as "فروخت کے لئے اشیاء"

@tinstaafl thanks that worked like charm but how to change font style if i want to.

Each control that has a text property also has a font property

yes i found it. thanks sir.

you're welcome. Don't forget top mark thisa solved. thanks

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