i have some logic but unfortunatly m weak in programing need your help guys
i am working on a MIS using c#
i have a drop down list which display the course id and in my course table one course id could have many student id
i want to select all student id of selected course id to be filled in attendance table which has a column student id
i have four columns in attendance table student id, course id, attendance
is there any way that i can get
student id >>>>>> all from seleceted dropdown list as i mention single course id can have many student id
course id >>>>> from selected drop down list (i want to insert this single value in each row)
attendance >>>>> from Temp table in which student id is also there (may be some kind of join would work here) i have to match student id and then insert attendance in attendance table

every time i want to insert values not gona update

Do you have some code already done? It would be great to see it.

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