Recently, I programmed a game in visual basic for my brothers birthday. I was planning on sending it to him through our schools email (other email sites are blocked) and when I tried to send the application my email was stopped with a mesages saying that I am not aloud to sen .exe files. I was wondering if there is any way that I can send this on my schools system without a to much work.

Some providers allow you to zip it up, although some will see the exe inside the zip. There are other packaging formats that may work (tar, rar, gz, etc.). Some times just changing the file extension works, though you would have to tell your brother to change it back. I guess what I'm getting at is you may have to 'trick' the provider if you really want to use email to get it there.

But honestly, when I run into something like this because of file extensions, or size, I upload the file to my site, or some other site, and just point my friends to the link.

Well the very simple way in which I use the most to send files with to someone which are being burnt by the mail server is just add any alphabet at the end of the file type and you file will be sents but then you have to tell that person that he/she had to remove that alphabet you had just added. here is an example: you want to send a file named mygame.exe so you have to do this mygame.exeg then send it tell that person to remove the last g in the file type.

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