Hello All,

I went through many websites and did not find any converter that could purely convert C# syntax to VB syntax.
However there are many converters available on the Internet but personally I don't think they are pure converters.
Requesting all to please suggest some online tools/converters to achieve this functionality.

Thanks a lot in advance :)

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What do you mean by a pure converter?

I mean that when something that I convert through an online converter from C# to VB and then copy directly that particular code to Visual Studio, it sometimes shows some errors and need to rewrite the code again.
For example you may refer to my latest thread as follows:-
Click Here

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I mean to say that when at times I try converting my code from C# to VB, it sometimes throw some errors like "Class 'XXX' must implement 'Function XXX(abc,pqr,...)' for interface 'XX.XX.XX'".
For example you may refer to my latest article as follows (which has been solved by deleting the existing code and letting Visual Studio itself implement those functions/methods) :-
C# to VB.Net Errors

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I think there are none as of now :)

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I'm sorry that I can't help you with that converter thing.. but, why do you need one anyway?

If you have the the VB.Net code just compile it into .dll library then you can use it in your C# projects.

Just suggesting..


Thanks for replying....actually as per the requirement, I need to code into VB.Net however I am a C# developer so meanwhile I learn VB.Net and its syntax, I was thinking of a pure converter that could possibly help me till the time I finish learning VB.Net.

I would be very surprised if you found any language translator that did the job 100% correct -- the .NET functions would be easy, but the rest nearly impossible due to differences in the two languages.

Yes and now I also agree to the statement after surfing many websites...!!!

Hello, I juse used the telerik converter for my VB code. Its just great, thanks.

As this was ressed.. some of us on the forum know a bit of both languages and can help you if needed.

I will normally look at conversion topics when posted in C#, always fun to keep my VB.Net slightly active.

If you were to ask for an older language say Fortran to C, I could point you to the right direction, however with the complexity of OOP languages today, this can be a rather hard task.

Any good interpreter and converter (I think those are the right terms ... little rusty from my compiler class) is going to cost you. You have to develop token for "if it's this, convert it to that" and that's probably going to involve some Regular Expressions (well actually a lot ... which ehh can be very tricky).

Possible? Yes. Probable ... well how much time do you have?

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