Hello......I have written a script in which I am telnetting from system1 to system2. There from system2 I am doing ssh to system3. This system3 is a Embedded Board running Linux.
Here on system3 I am executing a code that gives me a CLI interface. In this CLI we have almost 15 commands.
When we enter "show" it shows all the commands. The first(#1) command on this list is "capabilities".
This command is getting executed successfully but when I try running any other command then it says "Invalid Command". Why so ?????

Please help, I novice in Python

Thanks in advance

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This has nothing to do with python.
You have to look up the manual of system3, or call for system admin help.
Look at the greeting text, what system is it running, and try to google it.


Hi Slate, thanks for the reply.
Issue got resolved. The command for the system3 was a bit long (3 to 4 words) so by the time it was reaching system3 it was getting fragmented. To resolve I explicitly broke the command in fragments and sent the words one by one.

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