well I need some guidance to how I can do what I wan't done as I haven't gotten any idea
I got the GUI made, now I have these items I wan't the player to be able to paste onto the empty space (were there are no GUI) how can I do that?
second question: is how can I when the Item is selected get a String to appear on the screen?
third question: how can I make a big Image move on either mouse dragging or key pressing? I use Graphics to display Images.
fourth question: how can I make two players, player 1 and player 2? and make only this type of Item appear when player has ID 1 and other a another thing appear when player has ID 2?
fifth and final question: how can I make this multiplayer, with up to 8 players?

there are many questions and I would like if I could get them answered one by one, like question 1 then when it has been solved we move to q2, would that be possible?

thank you on advance

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The answers to your questions seem to reach all the way down to the fundamentals of Java programming. If you would show us your failed attempts to make these things happen we could probably easily explain why your attempts were failing, but otherwise the only answers that I can think of to your questions are nothing more than introductory tutorials on Java.

I think you'll find this more helpful than anything I could write myself: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/

actually: the answer to each and every one of your questions is: by writing the code to do that.

I got the GUI made ...

what do you mean by that? you wrote the code, or are you using a Swing editor like the NetBeans editor.
also: why building the GUI if you don't have anything to show yet?

well, many managers love to see nice screens coming by in demos even if the data behind them is all bogus :)

plese i need help to launch my jdk6 i've already insatlled it, now i want to set it up so that i can start creating codes.
here is what is wher i went
1 program files/bin/javac
now im stuck please help im desperate

I don't know how to do it, thats why I ask you guys.
Can you Atleast give me some tutorial link that is about making a item buyable, then transfer it to the map. Witch has it own positions, and can be moved with.

You seem to be asking for a tutorial that exactly describes your problem. That's not going to happen. YOu will just have to learn some Java.

DaniWeb Member Rules (which you agreed to when you signed up) include:
"Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments"

Search google for "The New Boston" Theres a good Java for beginner tutorial.

gonna check it.

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