I'm suffering from a complete brainfreeze here; maybe some NetBeans user can un-block me without making me look like a complete idiot? Thanks.
I usually use Eclipse, but for this particular project it has to be NetBeans.

I have two projects defined. One is the main project with packages - let's call them A.B and C.
The second project is a rag-bag of useful classes and utilities in a package ("X") that the main project uses.

In Eclipse I just make project 2 a required project for project 1 and it works. In particular when I build the main project jar, that jar contains folders A,B,C, amd X with all the class files in it.

When I try to do the same thing in NetBeans it builds a jar with A,B, and C only, then puts X in a separate jar in a lib folder, giving me a messy distribution.

How do I configure my project so Netbeans creates a single jar with A,B.C and X in it? (and please don't ask me to write a custom Maven script!).


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Isn't that you who posted on this Link

Yes it was, but that didn't come to any good conclusion. Anyway, it was different in that the dependent libraries were already jarred. In my case I have the source files and the individual class files already in the same NetBeans IDE

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