I'm suffering from a complete brainfreeze here; maybe some NetBeans user can un-block me without making me look like a complete idiot? Thanks.
I usually use Eclipse, but for this particular project it has to be NetBeans.

I have two projects defined. One is the main project with packages - let's call them A.B and C.
The second project is a rag-bag of useful classes and utilities in a package ("X") that the main project uses.

In Eclipse I just make project 2 a required project for project 1 and it works. In particular when I build the main project jar, that jar contains folders A,B,C, amd X with all the class files in it.

When I try to do the same thing in NetBeans it builds a jar with A,B, and C only, then puts X in a separate jar in a lib folder, giving me a messy distribution.

How do I configure my project so Netbeans creates a single jar with A,B.C and X in it? (and please don't ask me to write a custom Maven script!).


Yes it was, but that didn't come to any good conclusion. Anyway, it was different in that the dependent libraries were already jarred. In my case I have the source files and the individual class files already in the same NetBeans IDE

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