Assume I am having following set of textbox controls in winform.
1. txt_subject1 with Alais "S1"
2. txt_subject2 with Alais "S2"
3. txt_subject3 with Alais "S3"
4. txt_totalCredit with Alais "T1"

I am maintaining all the formulas in xml file. So that If anything changes in formula, no need to tocuh code, I can simply modify in XMl itself.

<for name="Total Marks" value="S1+S2+S3"></for>
<for name="SGPA" value="(S1+S2+S3)/T1"></for>

Now my objective is to calculte the Total Marks and SGPA based on that formula mentioned in XML file.

Please suggest me a way to proceed..(optimized way)

Thanks in Advance.

Basically you'll have to get the xml value string and parse it to do the calculations. You'll probably need a select block and a loop