I have a sort of blog about the live of my daugther.
Im now trying to make it in Symphony cms but it won't work.

What I need it a flexible cms where I can decide how many articles are on a page.
So as example februari 2005 page 1 can have 2 artciles and februari 2005 page 2 can have 3 articles.
A example of the site as I want it can be seen here : http://test.tamarawobben.nl

Can anyone suggest me a good and flexible cms for free which can do the job.
I already tried drupal, wordpress and symphony.



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Interesting, I have not yet come across one with variable paging. You may be able to fake it with (hidden) links, but I guess that is not what you want.


I don't came accross such one but in my opinion is the only way to make this site works and if hidden links are the only way to make it works I have to live with it


You can create this in wordpress with some jquery and you will have to look at wordpress function I saw somewhere the part where you can select how many results you can have on a page I think the default is 25.
I think this is in the post file whithin a foreach.
Try to look for this part


Joomla! + K2 plugin. With this you can set how many "items" (articles) and which ones you wish to display on one page. I'm using it to make an online catalogue, along with a portfolio section with multiple separate image galleries for each project. Great for blogs too.

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