I have a sort of blog about the live of my daugther.
Im now trying to make it in Symphony cms but it won't work.

What I need it a flexible cms where I can decide how many articles are on a page.
So as example februari 2005 page 1 can have 2 artciles and februari 2005 page 2 can have 3 articles.
A example of the site as I want it can be seen here : http://test.tamarawobben.nl

Can anyone suggest me a good and flexible cms for free which can do the job.
I already tried drupal, wordpress and symphony.



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Interesting, I have not yet come across one with variable paging. You may be able to fake it with (hidden) links, but I guess that is not what you want.

I don't came accross such one but in my opinion is the only way to make this site works and if hidden links are the only way to make it works I have to live with it

Anyone a better idea what can work for my site if what I want cannot be done ?

You can create this in wordpress with some jquery and you will have to look at wordpress function I saw somewhere the part where you can select how many results you can have on a page I think the default is 25.
I think this is in the post file whithin a foreach.
Try to look for this part

Joomla! + K2 plugin. With this you can set how many "items" (articles) and which ones you wish to display on one page. I'm using it to make an online catalogue, along with a portfolio section with multiple separate image galleries for each project. Great for blogs too.

Use Wordpress, other's would desire you to know coding...

You can Use joomla then.It is very flexible.Great Plugins and templates

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