aoa guyz...plzzzz help me...i have to do a project whic should be related to data structure...kindly suggest me the easiest project becoz em very weak in programming...:(

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plzzz aj he reply ker dain..mjhay kal apni teacher ko inform kerna ha about my project...

Huh?? That makes no sense in Engligh.

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write a program that takes structure of 10 students and develop all imformation: first name, last name, class, and score of all students that have score above a specific score.

#include <stdio.h>

struct student;
//your structure here
struct student mystudent[10];

int main()
//you know what to do here.
return 0;

usy1010: First off, you should never hijack an existing thread with an unrelated question. It is better to start a thread of your own.

More importantly, to both you and the OP, you have to understand that DaniWeb is NOT a free-homework-solving service. Simply posting a question as you both have done, without showing that you've made some effort to solve the problem, is a violation of the DaniWeb forum rules and the Terms of Service. If you have a problem with your own code, fine, we can give advice; but you have to show us your work. We are here to help you learn; We are not here to help you cheat.


To be fair, after I deciphered the OP post, It seems as though the posts from usy1010 are an answer, rather than a question.

Seems the OP wanted suggestion of project.

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