I have a list of filenames

fileNames = ['Aamde Mustafa Marhba (mr-jatt.com).mp3',
'Aaj Me Peeni (Ft.Sanjay Dhaliwal)(Mr-Jatt.com) 1.mp3',
'01 Aal Izz Well [www.DJMaza.Com].mp3','17 Aarons Plea.mp3',
'AARIYAN.mp3','17 Aarons Plea.mp3']

i want to get rid of brackets([],{},()) as well as web addresses inside the braces but i want to keep braces and content inside the brakets if it contains a non url/ web address like in case of 2nd list item above.

I would really appreciate your help, I am making script to fix mp3 file names not a school homework...

apologies for the duplicate post, i do not know how ti happened ..

Look into Python module re

well thats the problem, i do not have any experience with regex...