Hello All,
I am developing a GUI application in wxPython on linux.
I have to provide help menu describing tool's usage.
I am not able to get any modules realated to this.Can anybody know how to develope help in wxPython?


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Python allows you to add documentation strings to a class, module or method and access it later ...

# a look at the Python documentation string
# you can just use single quotes for a one liner

import math

def getDistance(x1, y1, x2, y2):
  getDistance(x1, y1, x2, y2)
  returns distance between two points using the pythagorean theorem
  the function parameters are the coordinates of the two points
  dx = x2 - x1
  dy = y2 - y1
  return math.sqrt(dx**2 + dy**2)

print "Distance between point(1,3) and point(4,7) is", getDistance(1,3,4,7)

print '-'*50
print "The function's documentation string:"
# shows comment between the triple quotes, use double underline each side
print getDistance.__doc__

With wxPython you can use a button marked help that brings up a dialog window containing help text.


thx but this is not wht i m looking for.
It's to give help to understand the code! I m in need of Help creation which will guide user how to use the application.
for e.g. in .Net we can do it by developing .chm files.


Now I understand what you want to do. You can insert a help menu item that brings up a .chm or .html file. There are a number of Python programs that do it that way.


yes....and i m looking for those ways!!!!
do u have any idea how it is done? which wxPython modules can be used do that?

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