Hi Guys, wonder if any one can help??

I have been asigned some home work to make a CaesarCipher class, listed below, where by there is a test class below which would need to be passed to it. I have figured out the first bit but cant debugg and get it to work. Hope you can help

Tom Keys

//First Class file

public class CaesarTest {
    public static void main( String[] args ) {
        CaesarCipher c = new CaesarCipher( 10 );
        String output;
        output = c.encrypt( "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" );
        System.out.println( output );
        output = c.decrypt( output );
        System.out.println( output );

//Second Class File

public class CaesarCipher {

    private int key;

    public CaesarCipher( int inKey ) {
        key = inKey;

    public String encrypt( String s ) {
       int lengthOfString = s.length();
       StringBuffer encrypted = new StringBuffer();
       for (int i=0; i< lengthOfString; i++) {
        char tempChar = s.charAt(i);
        encrypted.append( encrypt( tempChar ) );

           return i;


    //public String decrypt( String s ) {
        // Decrypt the argument a character at a time & return the result

    private char encrypt( char c ) {
        c = charact;

        //Encrypt the argument & return the result

      //char charact = stringName.getCharAt(i);
      charact = charact + key;


    //private char decrypt( char c ) {
        // Decrypt the argument & return the result


What's the problem? I assume it's with the output? You need to check the ascii ranges for viewable characters. There's no need to encrypt new line characters and those out of the viewable range.