I'm a VB.Net user and I have a project which I'm doing and the problem is that I didn't find the answer to my problem in VB.Net I found it in Java so now I'm forced to complete this project in java, I must say this is a program that will be installed and operate the ATM, I have the full code which I got it from Code.google.com but I will just have to add some features that I want to add in an ATM so my main problem at the moment is to find the java IDE that will support the import java.atm.bankDatabese packs which my java does not support. any one know what java because I'm using the Netbeans.
thank you

For PCs there's only one Java to consider - it's the one from Oracle (formerly Sun) in Windows/Mac/Linux 32/64 bit versions. You'll need the "SE" version as opposed to the "EE" (Enterprise Edition) edition, and the full JDK (Java Development Kit) rather than just the JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

NetBeans is a Integrated Development Environment that provides a huge set of tools to help develop Java, but it's not, in itself, a version of Java - you install it after installing Java. As a Java beginner you may find that NetBeans adds its own steep learning curve to Java's intrinsic learning curve, and doing both at once is really hard. You would probably be better off with just the standard compuiler that comes in the JDK, and a programmer's editor.

The import statement is part of the language, and every Java supports it. If your import is failing it's because the package you are trying to import hasn't been installed correctly.

commented: Thank you for your help, I've downloaded and installed the se JDK how will I start working with it or I have to link or my NetBeans to it directory path or? +1

if you don't know how to work with libraries, I would suggest first learning that. there's no use jumping straight into a professional IDE if you don't know the basics.

since you're trying to find the IDE that supports that package .. every IDE can work with it, you don't even need an IDE to work with that package.

as JamesCherrill said: the JDK is what you are looking for. you can download it in combination with the latest version of NetBeans, but since you're actually starting with the language, give yourself some time to figure out how to do what.

So little experience, yet you are writing ATM code? Please let me know what bank this is for so I can make sure to avoid their kiosks!

commented: lol. Well with this code I have it easy to read as a person who has experience in programming and it also helped me to just see how I will go about writing these features that I want to add so you don't worry that much and if I get some problems I will po +0

that's not "Java", that's a third party library some kid (no doubt) wrote for his homework project (no doubt), just like what you're trying to do (no doubt at all) by stealing someone elses' code and handing it in as your own.
Learn programming, and you can solve your "ATM assignment" in any language you choose to learn a bit about to the satisfaction of your teacher.

Alisha: you may want to start a new thread for unrelated questions. as to this:
6 week complete Java => this is contradiction in terms

in 6 weeks, you can just see the basics. (or a lot more, but only see it half)

anyway, you are better of buying a decent Java textbook, and doing self-study. a certificate that just says "this person followed this course", especially if it's a course that claims to teach Java 'completely' in just 6 weeks ... I doubt it'll be impressive.

anyway, there's a sticky thread on top of the Java forum, with lots of resources you can refer to if you're just starting with Java.