1.A________ statement consists of a valid identifier

2.A__________ statement is used only in case of nested loops

3.The port number 555 describes
***port 555
***all ports greater than or equal to 555

4.The ____ method of the signature class updates data by a byte

5.The _______ constructor creates a horinzontal progress bar by

6.The parent of the dialog box is typically the________

7.Which method is used to select mltiple items programmatically

8.the server application has to bind the remote object with the ________ in the registry

9.A thread can be created by extending the thread class

10.Which of the following is not a collection class.

11.The runnable interface defines the ________ method to contain the code

12.Which of the following are xteristics of the run() method

13.The stdio stream of java is presented by which of the following fields of the system class?


Wow, you didn't even try to be slick about getting help with your assignment. Good luck with getting someone to do your work for you.

There seems to be an issue with your questions. When I look at them there are blanks for some of them. Can you fill out the blanks and then I'll be able to help you ;)

those blanks is were ur supposed to fill the answer

commented: No, those blanks are where YOU are supposed to answer. +0

lol, yeah, I know.


Particularly - Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments

You are just posting your homework and expecting others to do it for you. If you were stuck at a particular question and wanted help understanding it, we would help. However, you have shown no evidence that you even care about the craft that you are trying to get into and therefore will recieve no help from myself and probably little to no help from everyone else here.

You will not find help from anyone who cares about this industry.

It's even better than that, actually; it is clear that the OP didn't even transcribe the questions correctly, as most of them are clearly incomplete.

actually, willjohanz: those blanks are where YOU are supposed to fill the answer.
how about you at least give it a try, instead of plan on cheating without any effort?