Is there any way to make an .exe file with VS C++ 6.0, that runs on any
machine that has/does not have MS VS?:sad:

Just want to make a single .cpp file for computer graphics using GLUT into an executable where anyone, especially my examiners to run it by double clicking and without opening up MS VS...etc:confused: .

I kinda suck when it comes to this :sad:. Too used to Delphi and Java where I don't need to scratch my head in making .exe or .JAR that can be run anywhere since it's automated.;)

Thanks in advance to anyone who gives a helping hand electronically..:mrgreen:

use the depends.exe that is in the vc++ 6.0 install bin directory to find out what dlls are required, then install those dlls with your program. You must take care not to overwrite newer versions of the same dll that is on the target machine. If you use an install program such as InstallShield it will make those tests. To minimize the number of dlls that you need to install you can compile your program for Release Minimum Dependencies and the compiler will statically link most of them. It will make your program .exe bigger but reduce the number of dependent dlls