hey everybody
im new to java
i have a book and im learning the language from it
but i want to know a compiler where i can run the programs
i have "IDEA" but it is really confusing
can anybidy help me please???

OK, since you don't mention what operating system you are running under, I will have to assume you are using Windows, though the answer for Linux and MacOS are more or less the same anyway. With Windows, the only Java compiler of importance is the one from Oracle themselves; under Linux there are a few other options, but generally speaking you want the Oracle release as well.

What you want to do is install the Java Development Kit, Standard Edition for your system.

IDEA (IntelliJ) is an IDE, not a compiler. You need to install that separate.
Of course you don't need a compiler to run Java programs, you need a Java runtime (which comes with the compiler).
You need a compiler only to compile the source code of whatever you end up writing.

thank you guys for the links

i downloaded them but i dont have any application where i could write
do i have to write the codes in notepad and then compile it in binary format or is there any application like we have in turbo c++??

you said you have IDEA... Do learn your tools.

you can write them in notepad, save them as .java files, compile and run them.
there are tons of IDE's out there (IDEA included) but if you don't know how to use them, they won't really help you out, I'm afraid.