I want a perl parser for relational algebra expression, can anybody help me with a code for that.

Iam trying to write a perl program that evaluate relational algebra expression by converting it to sql first.

Hi magaji.ahmedgodiya,

What format is your input? Can you paste us some examples?

A quick CPAN search turns up Math::Algebra::Symbols. There's also Math::Symbolic which is apparently a bit more abstract. If neither of those look promising, you could review the API docs for the Perl Data Language (PDL) and see if anything there looks helpful.

Hard to know what else to say without some examples of what you actually want to do. Again, some examples of desired input and output would help.

Good luck,


I want parse queries that make use of relational algebra operators such as 'select, project, join, union,intersection, theater join, rename. After that the program should convert the query to SQL and evaluate it on a micro soft access database.
projectlist of attributes
And so on