Can you please tell me how can i convert pdf file into doc file? without using any kind of paid third party library. Please provide me sample code about the same.

Conversion depends on the format of the pdf.

if it's text converted to pdf you might be able to use this library.

If the pdf is made up of images of text(i.e. scanned pages), then this might help

Well i have done with conversion of pdf to text using itextsharp and pdf is not made of scanned images. So please tell me some other solution...

If you have it in text where's the problem?

If you have it in text where's the problem?

Converting to text will lose information such as formatting, images, bookmarks, etc. Information that you'll want to preserve when converting a PDF to DOC.

thats what i know.... hence i came to over here to get some help about the same.

You might have to explore the OCR option if you want to keep the formatting. If you already have Microsoft Office you can access their OCR Api, as well

can you please give me an example in c sharp?

just use print key to convert pdf to doc file.