Using GUI (graphical user interface, i.e. Text-Fields, Buttons, Check-boxes,
Lists, Labels) you are to create a car-shop or a restaurant-menu program that
guides the buyer/customer. If it’s a car-shop to select a car they want, their
desired specifications for that car, and finally displays an invoice as per car
and specifications. If it’s a restaurant-menu program, the user should select
what menu-list (breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages, etc.) then select different
items in a menu and finally display the bill. For each selection there has to be
a minimum of ten choices to select from.
For example a car-shop may look like below: First is the welcome/hope page,
then second is the selection box allowing the user to select the car (a
minimum of 10 items), third the user is to select the specifications of the car (a
minimum of 10 items), last is the quotation

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