Question#1Senior salesperson is paid RS.400 a wek, and a junior salesperson is pair RS.275 a week.Write a program that accepts as input a salesperson's status in the character vaiable status is's' or "S" the seniors person's salery should be displayed;if status is 'j' and 'J',the junior person's salery should be displayed,otherwise displayed error message?

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User you;
if (you.provide(sourceCode)){
    cout<<"No source code or tries on this matter found.\n"
        <<"Please show us what you've done so far.\n";

This appears to be a question from "A First Book of C++", either written for the Indian market (or simply with whoever is setting the quesations swapping out a USD amoung for an INR value).

Many people have asked these questions many times. If you just want answers, you can save everyone the trouble and just google for them.

If this is a school exercise, please make an effort to solve the problem yourself before posting here. We DO NOT do your homework for you, but will help you with problems once you have made an honest effort to solve them.

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